News and Notes

2021 President’s Message


Greetings from the Hudson Mohawk Recorder Society. We have a glimmer of hope for 2021—- a vaccine is on its way to your area.  Most people I know have initial appointments in February, March and April.

Wasn’t that a great workshop with Glen Shannon in January?? Glen brings his “joie de vivre” and personal style to his workshops. And that enthusiasm transcends the fact that we are all sitting in our living rooms and playing on Zoom. It was a lot of fun.

And direct from Scotland our February workshop will be with composer, Marg Hall. Here is her website.  

I have played many of her compositions over the years. Much music for recorder players was originally written for voice or strings. However, Marg is a recorder player and composer/arranger and each part—whether soprano, alto, tenor or bass (or lower)— hits the “sweet spot” for that instrument’s  fingerings and sound.

I hope you have found some consolation in playing music and that you all are taking advantage of the many online recorder workshops that are available—it is transforming the business—including the Hudson Mohawk Recorder Society. The American Recorder Society has fantastic recorder resources for beginners through advanced.

In addition there is information and links to other recorder groups. Yes!! you can take a class from a local recorder organization in Denver or Boston or Phoenix.  Please review all the great resources and support the American Recorder Society by joining today:

HMRS has planned a full schedule of Zoom meetings through June 2021 led by Kathy Kuhrt and Lee Danielson. In addition, we have scheduled three more recorder workshops left in  2021—

Marg Hall in February,

Anne Timberlake in April and

Lisette Kielson in May.

Let’s celebrate 2021 by attending our Marg Hall workshop on February 28th. Only $10.  Free to members.

I will be looking for you in the Zoom “gallery” this month.

Linda Botimer, President

December 2020

Greetings from the Hudson Mohawk Recorder Society.

Wasn’t 2020 a gloomy and woeful year???  But out of the confusion and concern for the pandemic, our recorder society transformed itself into a virtual organization. The Zoom phenomena has taken over HMRS and many recorder and music groups across the world as a way to share music and to stay in touch with members. As a result, I foresee that HMRS will have a mix of in-person and Zoom meetings in the future. 

HMRS has planned a full schedule of Zoom meetings through June 2021 led by Kathy Kuhrt and Lee Danielson. 

In addition, we have scheduled four recorder professionals to lead workshops in 2021:

Glen Shannon in January,

Marg Hall in February,

Anne Timberlake in April and

Lisette Kielson in May.

Let’s celebrate the New Year by attending our Glen Shannon workshop. Only $10. Free to members.

See the attached flyer. Meet me in the Zoom “gallery” this year.

Let’s toast to a more hopeful and peaceful 2021. Happy New Year.

Linda Botimer, President

September President’s Message

Greetings from the Hudson Mohawk Recorder Society. Hope all of you are faring well and playing music occasionally. We will be holding our next Zoom meeting on Sunday, Sept 27th at 2pm. Please email  to get links to Zoom and the music. I hope to see you there. 
It is that time of year when we collect annual member dues of $40.  Since we are now able to “meet” safely, stay in touch and play using Zoom, HMRS plans to meet regularly over Zoom for the near future.  Please support our chapter by joining or renewing your dues so that we can continue to offer playing opportunities for you. Your membership includes all regular Zoom meetings, access to the music for each session and audio files of the music after the session. In addition, professional recorder player and teacher, Letitia Berlin, will be leading us for our Sunday, Nov 8th session.
Beginning October 25th, Zoom sessions will be free to members, $5 for non-members. Special Workshop  – Letitia Berlin’s session on Sunday, Nov. 8th (2 – 3:30) will be free to members, $10 for non-members. 
So please join and send your $40 check made out to HMRS to: HMRS Treasurer, 101 Edgecomb Street, Albany, NY 12209
Thank you. Linda Botimer, President

Meeting the challenge with Virtual Sessions

For now, there is no way to duplicate those live playing sessions we took for granted such a short time ago. Most of us are getting very familiar with Zoom. The only way to “play along” using Zoom is to listen to one person playing music while everyone else plays with their microphone muted.

So why would anyone consider joining an HMRS Zoom meeting?  We tested the system with three trial Zoom sessions this summer – July 16, August 13 and 30. We were pleased to learn that while it was different from our usual sessions, we could safely see and hear from our friends, and we could actually play along on new and old pieces hearing all of the parts. There is no need to limit instrument choices. Pick a part to play first time through. Play the same or a different part for each repeat. It was fun!

Our limits now are finding and distributing music while observing copyright laws, and creating multi-track recordings of music to play along with. As we acquire those audio files, we will make them available to download and play along at a later time.

Expect more Zoom sessions. Check the “Activities” page for meeting details. And be sure to give it a try.

Letter from our President

Greetings HMRS members and fellow recorder players.
We are disappointed to have our meetings cut short this year; however, until it is safe to meet in person, we are considering other ways to support each other.
Our HMRS board has scheduled a Zoom meeting to plan for the coming year. We will be discussing ways to stay in touch with you via email, Facebook, Zoom and our website.

Do you have any ideas?  Please reply to me at and send me your thoughts.

How have you been spending your time these days? I have found music-making to be an important part of my time at home. I ordered some solo pieces from Courtly Music: Japanese tenor solos and jazz alto solos by Marg Hall. Both have been great fun. In the meantime, I encourage you to join the American Recorder Society as there are many resources for members and non-members at
The American Recorder Society also maintains a wonderful channel on YouTube

Boston Recorder Society has monthly online meetings where you can play Zoom duets with your microphone muted.
More info at

New York City Recorder Guild is also holding monthly Zoom sessions. Check their website at 

Amherst Early Music is offering weekly classes on Zoom and a full 2 week workshop in July. Sign up to get their emails.

I will be sending another letter later this summer; however, what I reallyhope is to see you all in person soon.

Linda Botimer, President