About Us

The Hudson Mohawk Recorder Society (HMRS) is a Chapter of the American Recorder Society active since 1966. 

Currently we are observing sheltering-in-place guidelines. Zoom sessions are scheduled until we can meet safely.

HMRS Board of Officers

PresidentMike Kuhrt
SecretaryJanith Mason
TreasurerGail Robinson
LibrarianMike Kuhrt
Music DirectorKathy Kuhrt
WebmasterKathy Kuhrt
Current officer terms: June 2021-June 2023

The meetings are casual and always enjoyable. The music is varied and includes traditional Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque pieces as well as more modern settings from composers such as Glen Shannon, Marg Hall and Will Ayton.

Harp, cornetto, crumhorn and viols are included at times. Percussion may be added for rhythm and interest. We strive to have an interesting mix of periods and styles choosing music suited to the skills and interests of the players. Each meeting is led by a chapter member or guest coach.

​​Recorder players of all abilities are welcome.