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Inperson Playing Session

Sunday, August 18 2:00pm

Gather together with members of the Hudson Mohawk Recorder Society for an enjoyable playing session. We will work with pieces from our season playbook. Our playbook contains selected pieces introduced by coaches from past virtual mini-workshops and a few old favorites drawn from the chapter library. Members will receive an email update with links for downloading the music you need to print and bring with you. Kathy Kuhrt, our Music Director will lead the session. In-person sessions provide an excellent opportunity to continue to polish familiar tunes and perhaps introduce yourself to some new ones. Our playing sessions are held in the Fellowship Center of the Lynnwood Reformed Church, located at 3714 Carman Road, Schenectady, NY 12303 (Town of Guilderland). Doors open at 1:30 pm.

Paid members of the Hudson Mohawk Recorder Society receive email notices of both virtual and in-person sessions approximately one week prior to the session. The email contains a description of the upcoming program, links to the music to be used and a Zoom link for virtual mini-workshops. Participants download the music files and print them for use during the session.

Membership in HMRS includes admission to all mini-workshops and regular HMRS meetings. Mini-workshop guest admission is $20 per session. Dues for the 2023-2024 season are $50. Remit dues payment or guest fee by check to Gail Robinson, HMRS Treasurer, 101 Edgecomb Street Albany, NY 12209. See the Membership page of this site for additional information. Guests: indicate desired session on your check.

Future Sessions:

Aug. 18SundayIn-Person Playing Session
Sept 7SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Glen Shannon
Sept 15Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Oct 5SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Rainer Beckmann
Oct 13 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Nov 2SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Anne Timberlake
Nov 10 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Dec 7SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Moira Usher
Dec 15 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Jan 4SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Michael Graham
Jan 12 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Feb 1SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Ruth Burbidge
Feb 9 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Mar 1SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Sue Handscombe
Mar 9 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Apr 5SaturdayVirtual Mini-workshop
Lou Bradbury
Apr 13 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
May 3 Saturday Virtual Mini-workshop
Jennifer Carpenter
May 11 Sunday In-Person Playing Session
Jun 7 Saturday Virtual Mini-workshop
Helen Hooker
Jun 15 Sunday In-Person Playing Session