HMRS Mini-Workshops are currently online while in-person playing sessions are available to members who are fully vaccinated and boosted against infection by COVID-19.

Become an HMRS chapter member

We are pleased to again cosponsor with the Recorder Society of Connecticut a series of 10 monthly virtual mini-workshops featuring professional coaches during the 2023-2024 season. Admission to these virtual mini-workshops is free for all members of HMRS. In addition, we are planning to also conduct regular once-monthly playing session meetings during the season. Please consult the Activities page for scheduling details. Note that playing session meetings will be in-person as long as public health regulations allow. Otherwise, regular meetings will be online and conducted with Zoom as during the 2021-2022 season.

HMRS 2023-24 Chapter dues $50 per season. Download, print and complete the HMRS-Membership-Form and send the completed form and payment by mail to the address indicated on the form. The HMRS season begins September 1 of the current year; paid memberships must be renewed by September 30 of the following year.

If you are mailing a check within 10 days of the next scheduled virtual event, please notify us at to ensure admission to the session. Include a return email address so that we may acknowledge your message.

Consider joining national ARS – $25 for new members the first year. Contribute to the work they do. Take advantage of their shelter-in-place resources and much more.

Why Join?

Make music with others.

Solo playing can be fun, but making music with a group can’t be beat. HMRS offers members two meetings a month, September through May.

Life-long learning.

HMRS membership affords an excellent opportunity for life-long learning through study and performance of music and its history, forms and composers from an extensive variety of genres.

Musical skills development in a group setting.

Members with all levels of musical experience are welcome. Those with long-dormant instrumental training during early education can reawaken those skills. Those with more extensive training are encouraged to lead sessions and work with those who may be playing a musical instrument for the first time.

Networking among acquaintances with similar cultural interests.

Meet interesting individuals who have a love of music and connections to the local and regional music “scene” and organizations.

Opportunities to work with informative and challenging musical leaders.

Expand your musical knowledge and skills by exposure to invited session leaders with special knowledge of certain musical types, traditions or regional cultures. Meet and study with nationally and internationally recognized clinicians at virtual mini-workshops.

Opportunities to contribute to community cultural outreach.

Join a group that forms to inform and entertain members of the community.

Options for public musical performance.

Meet potential members interested in formally creating a performance group.

Access to an extensive library of sheet music.

Explore and borrow items from among thousands of cataloged pieces in the HMRS Library, available only to HMRS members.