Virtual Mini-Workshop with Tish Berlin 10am-11:30am

“The Cantus Firmus: A Solid Rock to Stand On”

A folk song, a Christmas carol, and the In Nomine chant will be our underpinnings in works by Heinrich Isaac, Michael Praetorius, J. S. Bach, and Elway Bevin.We’ll explore pieces from England and Germany that use a cantus firmus, or pre-existing tune, as a basis for polyphonic works. Heinrich Isaac’s Fortuna Desperata/Bruder Conrad pairs two well-known tunes in a beautiful four-part setting;   In Dulci Jubilo,  a 14th-century Christmas carol, provides the material for our two-part Praetorius work and a four-part harmonization by J. S. Bach.  Finally, we’ll play Elway Bevin’s wonderful example of an In Nomine, one of almost countless English compositions based on a section of the Gregorian chant Gloria tibi trinitas.


Letitia Berlin performs with Calextone, the Bertamo Trio, Tibia Recorder Duo, and the Farallon Recorder Quartet. She has also performed as a soloist with the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony, and the North Carolina Baroque Orchestra. Letitia received her Bachelor of Music in piano performance from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and her Master of Arts in Early Music Performance Practices with a concentration in recorder from Case Western Reserve University.

She is a sought-after instructor at early music workshops around the country. She has been awarded the Recorder Residency at the Sitka Center in Otis, Oregon four times.